Nexsan Storage

Our focus for over 20 years has been to build the most reliable, cost-effective, efficient storage that is purpose-built for specific use cases and business needs.

Whether you require high-performance NVMe all-flash, scalable and highly-flexible NAS, block storage, or secure archiving, you can trust Nexsan reliability and quality. We offer the complete line of all-flash, unified storage, file, block, and secure archive, saving you time and money.


Secure Archive Storage

Assureon and Unity Assureon Archive are the most secure archive solutions on the planet. They protect high-value data and meets any file integrity, security, privacy, and compliance requirement while reducing storage costs.

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High Density Storage

Beast is a practical, cost-optimized storage workhorse engineered to deliver superior reliability, availability, and density with 720TB in a standard 4U rack, enabling you to stay ahead of high volume application such as backup, archive, and digital video surveillance.


E-Series High Density Storage

E-Series SAN storage solutions are ultra-dense and super-efficient, enabling you to shrink your storage footprint, save on power, and spend less time managing and more on improving your business.

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High-Performance All-Flash NVMe

Vexata enables the enterprise to experience massive improvements in application efficiencies and provides the blazing performance needed for machine learning/AI, next generation analytics, and other transactional applications that are used in the transformation to the cognitive era.



Unified Storage with Secure Archive Client

Unity supports advanced block and file workloads as well as all-flash configurations for greater performance. The secure archive client is built in integration for tamper-proof storage.

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