Storage Without Worries: Hard Working, Ultra-Reliable and Increased Performance

The E-Series storage platform has been deployed in the most demanding enterprise environments offering unrivaled price and performance, robust connectivity options (FC, iSCSI) for seamless interoperability along with a robust qualified OS support matrix.  The battle-tested E-Series Storage Arrays give you the capacity and performance needed for your structured data workloads, along with the ultra-reliability Nexsan is long known for.

The E-Series F storage platform takes the same industry proven, reliable storage architecture and enables the latest QLC NAND technology.  The E-Series F is a perfect fit for quick access to analyze the high capacity, performance-sensitive workloads that fuel business — like real-time analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, media content delivery, user authentication, and more.


E-Series is a high-density, high-performance, highly-scalable, ultra-reliable storage system that enables organizations to lower their storage costs, maximize storage uptime, and boost data storage ROI. E-Series is a versatile SAN or DAS solution to stay ahead of the enormous data growth, demanding workloads, and high resiliency requirements in a variety of businesses, including media & entertainment, government, healthcare, HPC, financial, surveillance and service provider sectors.

High Performance Block

High performance block (FC, iSCSI) for structured data (databases and Exchange).

Anti-Vibration Design

Reduces vibration to increase drive performance.

High Density

960TB in just 4U, or combine systems for over 9.6PB in a 42U rack.

Cool Drive Technology

Reduce heat to increase drive reliability and longevity.

Active Drawer Technology

Service drives whiles keeping data available for access.


Starts as small as 24TB and scales to over 2.88PB in one 12U configuration.


All systems are stress-tested to deliver the highest reliability out of the box.


Improve energy efficiencies and cost-savings.

Data Protection

Self-encrypting drives with AES-256 encryption protects your data when at rest.


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