Data management for the modern enterprise

Cohesity eliminates mass data fragmentation by providing a single web-scale data management platform to manage the vast majority of an organization’s data—backups, file shares, object stores, and data used for dev/test and analytics.



Control data management workloads through a single UI, and simple policies.


Meet your business SLAs with machine driven operational intelligence.


Respond to evolving business needs from core to edge to cloud.

Cohesity Products

Cohesity Data Protect

DataProtect delivers comprehensive data protection with policy-based management for all workloads, anywhere—virtual and physical, databases, NAS, cloud environments, and business-critical applications.


Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition

Bring the benefits of core data center protection and productivity workflows— including backup, recovery, archiving, dev/test, and analytics— to remote and branch office locations.

Cohesity Data Platform

Designed with Google-like principles, DataPlatform is a web-scale solution that solves mass data fragmentation by consolidating workloads on a single software-defined platform.

Cohesity Helios

Monitor and manage your global environment in real time with this intelligent dashboard. Utilizing cutting edge algorithms, Helios proactively assesses IT needs and automates data management resources.

Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition

Extend data mobility across your data center and public clouds. DataPlatform Cloud Edition allows you to span a hybrid cloud environment to support your evolving data requirements.

Cohesity Analytics Workbench

A data analytics solution available within DataPlatform, Analytics Workbench allows businesses to analyze and extract detailed information directly without migrating data to an application server.


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