arcservehighavailibilityArcserve® High Availability keeps your information continuously available by reducing data loss and downtime to achieve success with even the toughest service level agreements.  Expect less downtime for critical applications and more access to critical data.

Arcserve® High Availability

High Availability software that minimizes downtime and allows continuous data access during business interruptions.

Key Functionalities
Continuous LAN/WAN replication Real-time server and application monitoring Data rewind Virtual Server Protection

Software Features

Arcserve Backup Features
Continuous Replication Arcserve High Availability allows continuous WAN/LAN replication for Windows, Linux and UNIX on physical and virtual servers.

Data rewind 

Turn back the clock on your data set, if needed, with Data rewind’s continuous data protection software.

Monitor servers and applications

Automatic failover for Windows and Unix/Linux environments.  Manual failback is possible after server repair or replacement.

Custom application protection

Create failover strategies for third-party and custom applications.

Assured recovery

Test to make sure your Windows environment is ready for recovery without disrupting production.  


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