CS 700 Series Extreme Performance

nimble storage adaptive flash productsCS-Series iSCSI arrays are built on Nimble’s breakthrough Cache Accelerated Sequen­tial Layout (CASL™) architecture. Here’s how CASL works:

  • Inline Compression: Un­like existing architectures that store data as fixed-size blocks, Nimble CASL stores data as variable-size blocks, enabling real-time 2-4x data com­pression with no added latency.
  • Optimized Data Layout: A copy of active “hot” data is held in flash memory, enabling fast reads, while all data is stored in cost-effective, high-capacity disk. Data is laid out sequentially, enabling fast writes to flash and disk.
  • Instant, Integrated Backups: 60-90 days of compressed, incremental, snapshots are captured on high-capacity disk at pre-con­figured intervals. The snapshots are highly space efficient, and have zero performance impact on application performance, allowing frequent recovery points.
  • Intelligent Index: CASL’s intelligent index automatically tracks hot data blocks and instantly responds to workload changes.
  • Efficient Offsite Replication: Compressed block level changes are copied to a remote Nimble array for cost-effective disaster recovery.


Technical SpecificationsCS700
Raw Disk Capacity, Base (TB)2 12 24 36 48 72
Min. Usable Capacity (TB)4 8 16 25 33 50
Effective Capacity, Base (TB)2 8-16 16-32 25-50 33-66 50-100
Effective Capacity, Maximum (TB)2,3,5 808 824 842 858 892
Max Number of Disk Expansion Shelves up to 6
Max Flash Capacity with All-Flash Shelf (GB) 32,000
Power Requirement (Watts) 650

Supported Protocols and Network Connectivity

Supported Protocols iSCSI Fibre Channel
Number of Available Interface Cards (per array controller) 3
Dual-port 1GbE (on board)6 1 (included)
Dual-port 1GbE (optional) N/A
Dual-port 10GbaseT (optional) 1 or 2
Dual-port 10GbE SFP+ (optional) 1 or 2
Dual-port 16Gb FC (optional) 2 or 3
On-Board 6Gb SAS Connectivity Per Controller 2x 4-lane

Physical and Environmental Specifications

Dimensions 5.2″H x 17.2″W x 26.5″D13.2 cm x 43.7 cm x 67.3 cm3 Rack Units
Weight 76 lbs. / 34.5 kg
Weight (All-Flash Shelf) 55 lbs. / 25 kg
Operating Temperature 10 – 35° C (50 – 95° F)
Non-Operating Temperature 0° C – 40° C (32° F – 110° F)
Operating Humidity 8 – 90%
Non-Operating Humidity 5 – 95%


1. Maximum performance configuration consists of 4x CS700 arrays, each with 1x ES1-AFS all-flash expansion shelf and 6x ES1-H85 capacity expansion shelves.

2. Raw and effective capacities are calculated using Base 10 (i.e., 1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes) after excluding space for parity, spares, and system overhead; the range represents 0 to 2x compression.

3. Maximum capacity is the capacity of the base array and maximum number of expansion shelves

4. Minimum usable capacity denotes the base capacity available to users once parity, spares and system overhead are deducted from overall raw capacity. Compression increases overall effective capacity.

5. Compression rates vary across applications. 2x compression factor reflected in upper range of effective capacity (based on actual compression rates seen by customers.)

6. Each array controller has 2x 1GbE ports built in. Additional network interface options vary, per array family.

7. Max flash capacity shown accounts for SSD capacity included with each ES1 expansion shelf.

8. Maximum expanded capacity for a CS300 includes a maximum of three ES1-H90T expansion shelves and three ES1-H85 expansion shelves.

9. Max. capacity for CS215 includes two ES1-H90T expansion shelves and one ES1-H25 expansion shelf. Max. capacity for CS235 includes three ES1-H90T expansion shelves (requires NimbleOS 2.3).


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