TrueNAS Mini

Mini but Mighty Storage

TrueNAS Minis allow you to easily store and manage your important data using any storage protocol, including NFS, SMB, AFP, iSCSI, S3, and many others. Minis can also be managed from the easy-to-use FreeNAS web interface using any computer or mobile device on your home or business network.

All Minis are backed by the OpenZFS (ZFS) enterprise-class file system that provides software RAID to protect your data from drive failure, data corruption, file deletion, and even malware attacks.

TrueNAS Minis are built with professional-grade components including ECC RAM and IPMI for remote management. Whisper-quiet fans and low power footprints make them ideal for a quiet office environment

TrueNAS Minis will ship with the latest Stable version of FreeNAS until TrueNAS CORE is released in October. All Minis are TrueNAS CORE Ready and can be easily updated after the release.



Stream audio and video to multiple clients.

File Sharing

Use permission controls to manage access to files.


Back up desktops and laptops over your network.


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