ArcserveUDPlogoArcserve UDP provides universal data protection for physical and virtual servers for a single point backup solution for your company’s data.

Arcserve® UDP

Software that combines backup, replication, high availability and global de-duplication technologies in one unified console for virtual and physical systems.

Key Functionalities

Protection for Virtual and Physical Servers

Backup to Disk or Tape De-duplication and Replication Bare Metal Restore


Arcserve Universal Data Protection Versions
Arcserve UDP Standard Edition Arcserve UDP standard edition provides imaging functionality for Windows and Linux servers, whether virtual or physical, by creating block-based images of their volumes. Those image-based recovery points are able to be stored locally or on a centralized Recovery Point Server (RPS) where source-based deduplication is offered.

Arcserve UDP Advanced Edition

Includes all the functionality of Standard Edition UDP along with support for Microsoft SQL and Exchange.

Arcserve UDP Premium Edition

Includes all agents and options from Arcserve Backup in addition to all the functionality contained in Arcserve UDP Advanced Edition. File-only replication to replicate recovery points and files from one location to another is included as well.

Arcserve UDP Premium Plus Edition

Includs all software from the Premium Edition plus Arcserve replication and high availability offerings.

Arcserve UDP Workstation Edition

Includes all software from the Standard Edition but works with workstations only. The workstation version includes Microsoft SQL Server support as well.


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