Arcserve UDP 8000 UDP Appliance is your turnkey, all-in-one solution for backing up all of your data with both hardware and software support directly from Arcserve. 

Arcserve® UDP Series 8000 Appliance

All in one physical appliance that optimizes Arcserve UDP software on a purpose built storage server for the best data protection and fast recovery from business disruptions.

Key Features:

  • 2nd Generation Appliance designed with enterprise-grade capabilities
  • Future-proofed with field expansion service
  • Modular portfolio: 16 different storage capacities to address ‘data growth’ challenges
  • Available in source backup capacities** ranging from a few TB up to 240TB
  • Enterprise-grade componentry for improved resiliency and optimal performance
  • Interoperable with existing UDP software deployments
  • Arcserve Cloud* option provides a complete, offsite backup & DR solution
  • Industry-proven Arcserve UDP software, Advanced Edition
    • Data backup and recovery
    • Replication of backup data
    • True global deduplication
  • Local/remote virtual standby
  • Server processing
  • Data storage
  • Networking
  • World-class data protection hardware
  • Enterprise storage array snapshot integration
  • Instant VM recovery
  • Instant Bare Metal Restore (BMR)



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