arcservebackupArcserve Backup provides secure, efficient, and reliable tape backup and has for over 20 years, empowering your administrators to drive efficiencies and manage data loss risk.  Arcserve Backup is high performance tape backup software that will help you manage complex data and IT infrastructures.

Arcserve® Backup

Backup software that provides enterprise-class functionality, optimized to support your data protection architecture.

Key Functionalities

Protection for Virtual and Physical Servers

Backup to Disk or Tape De-duplication and Replication Bare Metal Restore

Software Features

Arcserve Backup Features
Data Deduplication Arcserve Backup allows you to retain data for longer stretches of time by offering a cost-effective way to reduce the need for storage resources by using data deduplication in the backup environment.

Flexible Archiving 

Archive data to tape, disk or the cloud using Arcserve Backup to shrink backup windows and the total data set to conserve storage and network resources.

Backup to the cloud

Use agents from Arcserve Backup and File-only replication to replicate recovery points and files to the cloud.

Simplified synthetic full backups

Leverage all software from Arcserve Premium Edition, Replication and High Availability to create synthetic full backups of your entire data set.


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