Arcserve Unified Data Protection

ArcserveUDPlogoFrom now until December 31st, receive a 30% discount by replacing your existing backup software or upgrading your current Arcserve Tape Backup or Arcserve High Availability software to Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP).

Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) is data backup and recovery software. It is Arcserve’s flagship product, and makes up the base of the company’s offerings. The product combines three previous Arcserve data protection products — Backup, D2D, and High Availability and Replication — under a common user interface.

Arcserve UDP aids in data migration among disk, tape and cloud backups. The product is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. The company sells its own backup appliances and cloud storage services, which are directly integrated with the UDP software. The software can also be purchased individually and installed on customers’ storage devices.

Why Upgrade to Arcserve UDP?
  • High availability through automated failover and failback, LAN and WAN data replication, and instant bare-metal restore.
  • Global source-side deduplication to all available nodes and sites serviced by the software. This decreases the amount of data stored and the amount of data that needs to be transferred across servers. The intended result is an increase in storage efficiency and a decrease in bandwidth usage.
  • Fully automated disaster recovery testing can be accomplished without impacting the performance of the devices being tested.
  • Now you can backup to tape, disk, or the cloud from your physical or virtual servers and manage it all from a single user interface.


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Arcserve Unified Data Protection

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